Steelgrid® is a high strength, high stiffness steel geocomposite combining the versatility and practical benefits of double twist mesh with the exceptional stiffness and mechanical durability of high tensile steel cables. The steel cables are integrally woven into the double twist mesh during manufacturing, forming a single, easy to deploy product.

Steelgrid® is commonly used as drapery and as high strength bolted facings.

The system benefits from a comprehensive corrosion protection comprising highly corrosion resistant GalMac®, (Zinc, Aluminium alloy) galvanising.

There are two Steelgrid® variants:
– Steelgrid® MO (mono-oriented) geocomposite includes steel cables integrated longitudinally into the double twist mesh as the edging wire and also at the centre of the roll.
– Steelgrid® BO (bi-oriented) geocomposites includes steel cables integrated both longitudinally and transversely across the mesh.

Steelgrid® delivers time and cost savings during installation because of the integration of the steel cables within the mesh.

Steelgrid HR

The new Steelgrid® HR System is an innovative complete system for rockfall mitigation and slope consolidation works. It is used as a drapery or as a high stiffness (low extension) bolted facing when anticipated loads exceed the capability of traditional DT Mesh.

The Steelgrid® HR System combines a patented high strength steel wire mesh geocomposite which is used in conjunction with anchor plates, specific U-bolts and mesh connectors. Steelgrid® HR is a breakthrough in composite mesh technology offering high stiffness: high tensile strength at low strain and high punch resistance with low deformation.
This patented mesh is an engineered combination of double twist steel wire mesh and high tensile (1770N/ mm2) wire ropes in a single, easy to install, product.

Steelgrid® HR is available in a variety of strengths (up to 180kN/m tensile resistance and up to 155 kN/m for punch resistance), enabling designers to optimise solutions both technically and commercially.
The product is available in two levels of corrosion resistance:
– Steelgrid® HR: Mesh wires and ropes galvanised with GalMac® (Zn/Al) alloy Class A
– Steelgrid® HR-PVC: As Steelgrid® HR, but with an additional continuous polymer coating on mesh and ropes.

When site conditions are more aggressive (for example in some locations next to the sea), or the project demands a longer design life than that offered by the Class A GalMac® (Zn/Al) coating, PVC coated Steelgrid® HR is uniquely able to provide reliable long term performance.

Installation of Steelgrid® HR is straightforward; the adjacent lateral rolls of mesh do not need to be overlapped, reducing product wastage and saving installation cost and time compared to other meshes.

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