P.E.R. Ground System

The P.E.R. Ground System (Pressurizing Element for Reinforcement of the Ground) series has been engineered to provide tunnelling clients with cost efficient ground improvement in difficult and adverse conditions. The system is fully customisable and can solve multiple tasks simultaneously; drainage, reinforcement and soil consolidation. It is used in loose, swelling or ravelling ground and also where stringent requirements in underground water control are imposed.

P.E.R.Ground features a polyester resin and fibreglass reinforcement element, with an integral expanding sheath. Once inserted into a drill hole, the sheath is filled with grout under pressure. This enhances the friction effect (pull-out), the bond between grout and reinforcement and overall grout volume control.
The product may be customized when used in core-consolidation face applications:
– Micro-slotted HDPE pipe, and non-woven geotextile, to allow recompression of the ground and drainage simultaneously
– Slotted PVC pipe (manchette pipe), to allow recompression of the ground and either permeation, or pressure grouting simultaneously
GFRP Pipes and other elements are recommended for temporary applications only.

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