GFRP Pipes & Elements

GFRP Pipes are used for ground reinforcement in tunnelling works, wherever significant enhancement of the ground characteristics are required, e.g. within the tunnel face ahead of the excavation, the so-called ‘core consolidation’.

GFRP tubular elements (pipes) are made from a reinforced polyester resin matrix, together with a unidirectional Glass-Fibre (GFRP type E-Glass) continuous thread profile. The thread process does not affect the glass fibre integrity, with the resultant benefit of significant enhancement of both friction-effect (pull-out), and overall tensile strength capacity.

The units are inserted into a pre-drilled hole in the excavated ground and grouted. The corrugated profile improves bond strength, which when coupled with the high tensile capacity of the pipe provide reliable face stabilisation and reinforcement for tunnelling clients.

The tubular elements (pipes) may also utilise couplings to extend pipe length and Manchette injection sleeve during the grouting operations.
GFRP Pipes and other elements are recommended for temporary applications only.

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