Used in tunnelling works, our GFRP CRG fibreglass bolt is equipped with a steel head for post-tensioning and is used in rock bolting, soil nailing and ground anchors. It is made of a reinforced polyester resin matrix, together with a unidirectional glass fibre (GFRP type E-Glass) continous thread profile. The thread process does not affect the glass fibre integrity, with significant enhancement of both fiction effect (pull-out), and overall tensile strength capacity.

The steel head is sized according to the mechanical performance of the specific profile on which it is installed. The tensioning system is fast and effective and is calibrated to ensure the integrity of the GFR profile.

It is also possible to connect two elements by a S355 steel sleeve.

The GFRP BOLT CRG is recommended for temporary application only (ACI440.1R, refers).

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