The Duna System is a reinforced soil bund used to form acoustic and visual barriers. Each face can be selected to either vegetate, or have a stone finish according to client needs.

The embankment is constructed from modular two-sided elements which are stacked onto each another to form the steep, or even vertical, faces of the bund. The face elements are connected to one another by soil reinforcement geogrids, which are then backfilled with compacted material.

The modular fascia elements and connecting geogrids are pre-fabricated in our factories to reduce assembly time on site. The contractor simply has to erect the fascia units and support them at the correct face angle using the bracing provided. Then structural backfilling for the soil reinforcement part, and face filling can commence.

The soil reinforcement geogrids are made from double twist hexagonal wire mesh protected with a Zn-Al galvanising with an additional polymer coating. The outer facings are made from a steel weldmesh protected with Zn-Al galvanising.

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