Antwerp’s Oosterweel Link: towards a sustainable mobility


In February 2018, the city of Antwerp launched a major infrastructure project to develop the Oosterweel Link, in order to make it the best mobility solution for citizens. Maccaferri was involved in the project development, offering the city its proven technical experience and an innovative solution portfolio. According to the European Parliament’s latest estimates, transport is responsible for a… Read more »

EROSION CONTROL: Environmental protection through engineering


It is a primary source for the sustenance of the Earth and therefore for our own survival, but the space it gains in the public debate is very limited. This is the reason why we should pay attention to the soil and its protection. Soil, like water and air, is an invaluable source of biodiversity. In fact, it is fundamental to many biochemical… Read more »

Dubai’s Museum of the Future: a glance into innovation

Dubai, UAE, 23 November 2021: Museum of the Future Dubai and The Emirates Towers Hotel in the morning or sunrise. Dubai Skyline a view from Sheikh Zayed Road.

Discover how Maccaferri contributed to this eclectic structure, designed through an algorithm and defined as one of the most innovative buildings in the world, that aims to host technologies, projects and discussions bound to shape humanity’s future. With the aim of supporting UAE’s mission to boost global innovation, in 2015, PM Mohammed bin Rashid launched… Read more »