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Maccaferri Iberia solutions for the new landfill in Canedo, Portugal

Suldoro Landfill

Maccaferri Iberia solutions for the new landfill in Canedo, Portugal

 Maccaferri in Portugal has provided environmental protection in order to overcome the problem of solid sanitary waste.

To solve the problem of the 175,000 tons of waste that is produced by the populations of Santa Maria da Feira and Vila Nova de Gaia (440,000 habitants) , Suldouro needed to construct a new landfill as the existing one was almost full.

Maccaferri in Portugal has provided environmental protection solutions for this new landfill. Located in Canedo, Santa Maria da Feira, Maccaferri worked with main contractor DST Group, to provide robust impermeable barriers on the site.

The project was part of the ‘Multimunicipal System of Sul do Douro’ or Suldouro for short.

The plant located at the landfill is for the treatment of solid sanitary waste.

One of the major problems within the construction phase was the fact that the main part of the cell was to be built within a rock strata which required extensive and careful excavation. Only once the explosive phase was completed, could we start applying our materials to the cell.

The works consist of a main cell of 110,000 m2 in which the waste is deposited, a 4500 m2 leachate lagoon and two smaller treatment ponds of around 2000 m2.

Macline SHD 200 was used as the primary sealing layer and Maccaferri Macline GCL W20 was used as the secondary sealing layer.

In the basal area of the landfill, the membrane is protected with a performance geotextile MacTex N80.1 covered with sand.

During the works unexpected water flow was encountered in the excavated strata; Maccaferri and the designers developed a solution using  MacDrain W1051 drainage geocomposite to safely collect this water and transfer it away from the cell.

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