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Our Environmental Protection Solutions for a New Landfill in Canedo, Portugal


A combination of geosynthetic products provided a robust impermeable base barrier to protect the underlying soil from pollution

Maccaferri provided environmental protection for a new landfill in Canedo, Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal. Over 300,000 m² of our geosynthetic products were used to create the waterproofing base barrier protecting the underlying soil from pollution and a drainage system to collect the landfill leachate.

Suldouro is the multi-municipal company responsible for the treatment and the processing of urban solid waste in the Municipalities of Vila Nova de Gaia and Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal, serving a population of almost 453,000 inhabitants over an area of 383 km². The existing Sermonde landfill was approaching its maximum capacity. Therefore, Suldouro decided to create a new landfill in the Sobreda, Municipality of Canedo.

The new landfill project included the construction of a 110,000 m² main cell for waste collection, a 4,500 m² basin for leachate collection and 2 additional basins for leachate treatment with a total surface of 2,000 m².

We worked closely with the main contractor DST Group, to provide the waterproofing and drainage systems for the new landfill. The collection and leachate basins needed a robust impermeable base barrier to protect the underlying soil from pollution and collect the leachate out of the landfill in a controlled way.

Several geosynthetic products were used to meet the project requirements:

  • MacLine SDH 200, a high-density polyethylene geomembrane, 2mm thick and smooth on both sides was used as the primary impermeable barrier
  • MacLine GCL W20, a bentonite geocomposite, was used as a secondary barrier to replace the traditional 1m thick clay layer
  • MacTex N80.1, a polypropylene non-woven geotextile, was installed to protect the geomembrane at the cell base from damage by the waste falling into the cell
  • MacDrain W1051, a drainage geocomposite positioned at the top of the geosynthetic package to collect the leachate. This product replaces the traditional 0.5m thick gravel drainage layer

Over 300,000 m² of our geosynthetic products were used for this project. Notably, these geosynthetics replaced large volumes of traditional materials (1m thick clay layer and 0.5m thick granular drain), reducing quarrying and transportation of these materials to the project site.

For more technical information, please download our case history.

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