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The enduring success of Maccaferri’s Gabion

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In 1893 the first industrial application of a product that is now part of the history of civil engineering

Often, within the simplicity of an idea lies its own success. And if this is true for countless discoveries in the world of architecture and engineering, it is even more for our gabions. Wires interwoven to form a cubic mesh unit and then filled simply with only stone. Luigi Maccaferri’s intuition could not be more brilliant and simple at the same time; thanks to the invention of the Gabion, in the upcoming decades, the family turned a small firm into a globally recognized brand within modern civil engineering.

The link between gabions and Officine Maccaferri is now cast in stone. And like all successful products, the versatility of the system has quickly spread throughout the world, so as to extend beyond the boundaries of civil and geotechnical engineering. Architects and landscape designers have, especially in recent years, glimpsed within gabions exceptional opportunities to combine ecology and aesthetics, environmental sustainability and ease of assembly, cost-effectiveness and reliability.

The Gabion is, in fact, a peculiar tool. It does not impose itself on the surrounding environment: it perfectly blends into it. A Gabion is almost always filled with natural materials: stones/rocks and, where possible, locally available materials can be used to fill the structure, thereby ensuring that very little is added (and removed) to the surrounding nature. In terms of net emissions, the balance is positive when the raw fill material is available on-site and the energy consumption needed to produce and transport imported rock fill is cut. The durability of structures composed of gabions is also very high: our first works in 1893 are still operational today.

The Gabion, furthermore, “joins” the nature that hosts it: plants and trees can “sink” their roots in the interstices left free by the rock fill, helping to strengthen the overall system. Nature is no longer a passive actor: it is indeed called to “work” in synergy with man-made structures. This is the environmental engineering of the future.

Maccaferri’s Gabions can be used in a variety of applications and solutions within a broad range of key sectors such as: Environmental Protection, Flood and emergency, Infrastructure, Hydraulic and Coastal engineering and many others.

Sustainability is now an essential value for everyone involved in constructions. Even in terms of long-term sustainability, companies and institutions have a duty to devise solutions that do not jeopardize the stability and security of the ground. Maccaferri is committed to make this possible and each day we strive to advocate this new civil engineering concept, which, like the gabions, is rooted in a century of tradition.

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