Slope Protection



Secon Systems GmbH



Close to the village of Ferch, municipality of Potsdam (Brandenburg, Germany) the local railway runs between the river Havel and the lake Schwielowsee. The local authorities experienced some problems with erosion of the slopes because of the presence of many Beavers. A thriving beaver population is threatening the stability of the GermanyÂŽs dams and slopes. Many wildlife groups work togehter with engineers to find out how to protect these important infrastructures from the small but potentially destructive semi-aquatic rodents. Since already over 40 years the beaver population has grown exponentially.


The company Secon Systems GmbH, partner of Maccaferri for the German market, provided full assistance, proposing a solution with the so-called beaver-netting. This product was chosen as best and proven solution against erosion and borrowing animals, especially beavers and boars. The product is made of heavy galvanized double twisted netting with an additional polymer coating and a polypropylene erosion mat to assure durability of 120 years in a C5 environment (according to EN10223-3). In total 5.000 sqm of MACMAT R1 6822G0, mesh 6×8, steelwire 2,2mm and PoliMac coating was successfully installed.

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