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Slope Stabilisation in Myjava with our Steelgrid® HR30 System


Steelgrid® HR30 was the ideal solution for the potential slope failure mechanisms on this project and offered reduced installation time and costs

A large cut slope needed to be stabilised as part of the build of a new shopping centre in Myjava. Among the available options, our Steelgrid® HR30 High Resistance Geocomposite Mesh System proved the advantage of significant flexibility in terms of anchor positioning, thereby saving time and cost on site.

A new shopping centre was under construction in Myjava, 100 km to the north of Bratislava. As part of the early ground works it was necessary to cut into an existing slope, exposing the local carbonate geology.


The cut slope was deemed to be potentially unstable and the project designer investigated potential solutions to stabilize the slope.

A number of options were considered, including tie-back anchors combined with cast-in-situ concrete beams. However, these initial solutions failed to address the problem of weathering and smaller rockfall events.

Accordingly, the designer selected 1700 m² of our Steelgrid HR30® System in conjunction with rock nails for anchorage.

During formation of the cut, it became clear that the weathering of the rock caused the loss of fine material from the slope face. To combat this problem, the final installation of the mesh system was carried out using a combination of Steelgrid® HR30 over an erosion control mat.

Steelgrid® HR30 offers high tensile strength and punching resistance at low strain, making it ideal for the likely slope failure mechanisms on this project. Additionally, with Steelgrid® HR30, contractors do not need to create embeddings for the anchors, pretension the mesh, or have overlaps between adjacent mesh panels, all of which reduce installation time and cost.

The installation covers a rocky area of 120 linear metres with slope heights between 12 m and 18 m. The final anchor pattern varies according to the design.

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