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Maccaferri Supplies Macgrid AR for a new project in asphalt pavement reinforcement

MacGrid AR

Maccaferri France was chosen by Sanef to supply a Macgrid AR geogrid solution to minimize cracking on the A1 Highway that connects Paris and Lille, over a length of 211km.

The company Trabet was chosen to remake the wearing course of the A1 Motorway Arras to Lille as a part of road and motorway reparation efforts managed by Sanef.  Sanef decided to install a geogrid fiberglass solution to minimize cracking of the wearing course where the layers of historical forms meet in the foundations. The geogrid fiberglass is a Maccaferri product. Maccaferri MacGrid AR is planar geogrid structures used for the reinforcement of asphalt roads. The geogrids are made from glass fiber or polyester woven together in a grid configuration, which is then coated.

Sanef specifically chose Macgrid AR reinforcing geogrids because they exhibit high tensile strength and high modulus of elasticity at low elongation. Also, they offer a cost-effective solution for preventing reflective cracking within the upper asphalt layers of road pavements during resurfacing works. MacGrid AR geogrids also include a geotextile backing to the grid structure. The textile is impregnated with bitumen to provide crack prevention with a waterproof membrane and improved bond between the asphalt layers.

Furthermore, in addition to the CE marking, Macgrid AR reinforcing geogrids have the advantages of being manufactured in specific lengths and widths of rolls. In the case of this project, the chosen width measured 1m. Moreover, Maccaferri France is credentialed as a provider of this geogrid fiberglass solution as it has previously installed this application in the A64, A89, A6, A26, A16, A9, A13 and A61 Highways in France, Maghreb and French-speaking Africa. 
The reinforcement of asphalt pavements can produce a threefold increase in the service life of highway pavements by reducing fatigue, reflective, thermal and settlement cracking. With increased fatigue life and extended maintenance intervals, the “whole life cost” of a reinforced pavement is lower than that of an unreinforced one.

We know that our solutions function well based on the feedback, extensive research, and development in cooperation with leading universities and research institutes, as well as practical project experience over many years. Maccaferri has developed a specific design software for this application that is called MacREAD.

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