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Les catastrophes liées aux inondations ne cessent de se multiplier et de s’amplifier, l’actualité nous le rappelle tous les jours.

Maccaferri Full Scale Crash Test

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On October 9th, during the second day of the International Rockfall Technical Workshop, Maccaferri carried out a full-scale impact test in the municipality of Fonzaso (BL), Italy. The test was conducted on the RMC 200/A barrier, with a minimum energy absorption capacity of 2,000 kJ (Class 4 according to the ETAG027). The main peculiarity and… En lire plus »

Maccaferri Rockfall Workshop

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Maccaferri is pleased to announce that it will hold the International Rockfall Technical Workshop 2013 from 8 -10 October, 2013 in Belluno, Italy. The Workshop will bring together over 240 engineering professionals with interests in rockfall and natural hazards, including rockfall specialists, international researchers from leading global institutes and those from industry for the 3… En lire plus »