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Situated five miles south of Edinburgh city centre, Shawfair  Business Park is Midlothian’s premier business destination.   Major occupiers include the Scottish Qualification Authority   and Spire Private Hospital with David Lloyd Leisure and   Danfoss both recently committing to significant new   developments. 

Sustainability is at the heart of the Business Park which   benefits from excellent connectivity to the City Bypass and   from an onsite Park & Ride with frequent bus links to the city   centre, along with a dedicated rail station providing a direct   link to Edinburgh Waverley in under fifteen minutes. The   Danfoss Low Carbon Innovation Centre will be the   company’s first carbon neutral building in the world when it   is completed in late 2022. 

The site investigation report indicated evidence of   abandoned mine workings, described as; ‘coal and air loss’   in the borehole logs at varying depths of between 12.80- 14.90m below ground level. These were identified as the   Diamond Coal and Musselburgh Jewel Coal seams which could both potentially lie within 30 m of the ground surface   and therefore could pose a risk to surface instability   therefore, stabilisation works was required for the full site,   beneath the buildings, car park and loading areas.  


Maccaferri were approached by Quattro Consult Limited in  July 2021 to propose a suitable high strength geogrid for use   as a basal reinforcement platform for the hard standing   areas around the Danfoss factory. We proposed the use of   our ParaLink®. 

ParaLink® reinforcement in this application, is designed to   prevent catastrophic ground collapse, should a void or   subsidence feature occur, within the affected area. That is, if   a mine collapse occurs and this migrates towards the   ground surface in the form of a void or subsidence feature,   the geosynthetic reinforcement will act to limit the depth of   any depression occurring at the ground surface; crucially   preventing a significant void opening up at ground level. 

ParaLink® was supplied in February 2022 and installation by   RJ McLeod in April 2022.