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Our Solutions Installed at the Training Ground of the Atlético Mineiro Football Team


Terramesh® System & MacGrid® WG: our strategic reinforced soil solutions for a football sportive centre

The construction of the Atlético Mineiro Training Centre (CT), located in Vespasiano (MG) was challenged by the need of realising a plateau on an uneven soil that would invade an adjacent parcel of land because of its geometry. To solve such issue, we have supported the verticalization of the soil reinforcement. This process was carried out by using Terramesh® Grid reinforced soil solution: a combination of Terramesh® technology and MacGrid® geogrids.

In all, more than 2,000 items of Terramesh® System were used, about 617 cbm of gabion baskets, 67,980 Sqm of MacGrid® WG and 6,670 Sqm of MacTex® H. Our technologies all together allowed the use of the soil available on site to reinforce the plateau. Moreover, our solution allowed a shorter execution time.

Developed by our R&D unit, Terramesh® consists of a facing section with a vegetal cover and a back panel and diaphragms to the main fascia unit. This concept outlines the rectangular shaped cells used to contain stones. MacGrid® WG geogrids are featured by high molecular weight and its high tenacity polyester multifilament yarns tensile resistance in both longitudinal and transverse directions. In addition to being used in construction and reinforced soil structures, they are also particularly suitable for soil stabilisation projects – when the soil has low support capacity, as well as soil reinforcement and pavement projects.

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