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A traditional engineering solution is featured in the portal AECweb


According to the report, the benefits provided by gabions are as diverse as the possible applications

AECweb reported on Maccaferri’s gabions in one of its recent publications. The portal engages the construction and infrastructure market by providing them with, among other things, commercial and technical information on materials and solutions.

The AEC web portal excels in covering the construction and infrastructure market by combining, guides, providers and digital magazines. It provides ample free commercial and technical information on various types of materials and solutions. Recently, one of the AECweb’s reports featured Maccaferri gabions and the benefits generated by them.

Paulo César Ferretti a engineer with Maccaferri, commented that gabions are featured as part of traditional engineering and are gaining increased recognition in the field of architecture. He states that gabions are employed for following reasons:

  • Geotechnical problems (retaining wall slopes or slope coating)
  • Hydraulic problems (water courses and the bank-protection of streams and channels)
  • Supports and bridge pier scour protection problems
  • Hydraulic weir and energy dissipation drop structures
  • Check dams and culvert protection issues
  • Environmental protection problems (e.g. landfills and dewatering)
  • Landscape & Architectural issues

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