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Maccaferri Latin America takes part in a series of mining and rockfall related congresses


Maccaferri Latin America attended and presented mining related solutions at this years EXPOTECNOMIN, the 5th International Tunneling Congress and the 2nd Southern Road Infrastructure Congress.

Since its inception, Maccaferri has devoted considerable attention to the mining industry.

Our growing society requires increasing amounts of technological and practical know-how in the mining sector; Maccaferri makes it its goal to provide solutions to both and further cultivate its engineers and clients with innovative systems and research in the mining industry.

The ultimate goal is to help mine owners, operators and those involved in the life of the mine to overcome geotechnical and environmental challenges at each stage of their mine’s life cycle.

This July, in tune with its ideology, Maccaferri Latin America chose to partake at two crucial mining related events, both in Peru;
– the 5th International Tunneling Congress

Also of significant importance was Maccaferri’s involvement at the 2nd Southern Road Infrastructure Congress in Peru, where Maccaferri’s engineer Mávila Esparaza presented the different uses of MacGrid Geogrids in her lecture.

1) The Expotecmin event is now considered the most important event involving the mining market in Peru. In its second edition (held from July 13th-16th, 2016), EXPOTECNOMIN aimed to demonstrate a series of successful experiences with new and efficient technologies in the mining world. Among many things, presentations centered around the use and efficiency of different types of equipment, methods, and mining processes.
During EXPOTECNOMIN, at the Maccaferri booth, executives highlighted solutions intended for the mining industry. The company emphasized geomembranes for sealing, retaining walls, and macro systems, which are composed of mesh to prevent rockfalls and reduce the risk of debris flows.

2) The 5th International Tunneling Congress brought together experts active in the development of underground space —i.e. building and planning of subway systems, tunnels, and underground mining works.
During the Congress, Maccaferri had a booth in the exhibition area and featured among the lecturers. The engineer César Torres Chung gave a lecture on “Protection against rock fall for for slope stability in hydroelectric projects and mining”.
Chung shared Maccaferri’s experience in rockfall protection systems and the mitigation of natural hazards, applying a broad range of solutions for Mac.RO systems. In underground mines, Maccaferri’s line of solutions contributes to the strengthening and supporting of galleries and tunnels, as well as providing access floors.

3) Finally, while the 2nd Southern Road Infrastructure Congress did not focus solely on Mining related queries, the topics discussed also served the purpose of presenting mining related products and solutions. The Maccaferri engineer Mávila Esparza was one of the primary speakers at the 2nd Southern Road Infrastructure Congress that was held in Puno, Peru, between the dates of July 8th and 9th. The subject of the lecture was “Reinforced soil systems for strengthening road infrastructure.”

Following Mávilas presentation, Maccaferri’s engineers discussed the use of MacGrid geogrids in reinforced soil containment structures. Combining high tensile strength and low elongation, they can be applied for:

– the creation of retaining structures,
– the embankments on soil with a low bearing capacity
– the pavement foundations, among many other uses.

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