The many functions of waterproofing and lining. Waterproofing and lining reservoirs, lakes and channels serves many functions, whether to provide storm water attenuation ponds, or prevent contaminated water polluting the ground. These containment structures are used within many market sectors including;
– Slurry ponds in agriculture
– Leachate lagoons in mine workings
– Storm water attenuation ponds within highways and infrastructure
– Storage ponds within industry
– Reservoirs for water supply

Varying conditions and requirements. The demands and exposure conditions varies (vary) according to the needs of the market sector, for example the mining industry will require the containment of aggressive chemicals and precious leachates.

Integrated expertise to satisfy clients’ needs. By drawing on our expertise in landfill and environmental protection, we are able to optimise solutions that match our clients’ demands. The MacLine® geomembrane may only be the start of the solution. Protective geotextiles, water control structures and even vegetating covers to ensure that the facility is inserted with sensitivity into the surrounding environment. This integrated approach is part of our knowledge base and our clients tap into this, every time they work with us.

In some countries around the world, we are not merely a supplier of waterproofing products, but we can provide a full service including: support during the design, materials supply, installation assistance or even the installation works themselves.


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