Protection from falling rock debris. Rockfall drapery or simple mesh drapery systems are installed on rock slopes to contain loose and falling debris. This rockfall hazard can be a danger to any infrastructure or installations at the foot of these slopes.

How the double twist rockfall drapery mesh works. When the expected rock fragments are larger than the aperture of the mesh and smaller than approximately 0.5m in diameter, simple double twist rockfall drapery mesh is a tried and tested cost-effective solution. Our netting mesh literally “drapes” over the rock slope so that falling debris is contained behind the rockfall netting. It is allowed to fall to the foot of the rock slope in a controlled manner. On moderately steep slopes, or slopes where some vegetation may grow, the mesh should be kept as close as possible to the slope. The mesh is secured at the top and bottom of the slope.

For higher slopes or debris quantities, we offer Steelgrid® HR. When increased loads are expected on the drapery (high slopes and debris quantities, snow/ice loads), our Steelgrid® HR systems can be used as high strength drapery systems. This patented mesh is an engineered combination of double twist steel wire mesh and high tensile wire ropes in a single, easy to install product, saving project cost and time on the rock-face or slope.

Benefits of double twist mesh. The double twist mesh offers significant advantages over other mesh systems, for example, welded mesh, or high tensile strength single twisted mesh systems (chain link style);
– The double twist mesh is flexible and can conform to the rock slope if needed.
– It is easy to unroll on the rock-face, unlike single twist (chain link) style meshes, which can get caught up in themselves during deployment.
– It has isotropic flexibility and will not unravel even in the event of some wires accidentally breaking. Single twist mesh cannot provide the same level of safety in the event of wire breakage, irrespective of the strength and type of wire used.
– The drapery mesh is available with tensile strengths up to 160kN/m for applications where high slopes, or large amounts of debris are expected.

Maccaferri MacRO 2 software assists the designer in selecting the most appropriate drapery system for their slopes.

Tailor-made, client specific solutions. Instead of offering one or two products, in the hope that they can solve all clients’ problems, we draw from a wide range of mesh systems. In this way, we can tailor our design and technical solution to best meet our clients requirements. This is the strength of our offering; our clients only buy the level of intervention they need saving them time and cost.


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