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Maccaferri’s Solutions for Public Security Presented at LAAD Security Exhibition


FlexMac® DT system can be used as a rapid deployment barrier to protect flood areas

From April 10th to 12th the Transamerica Expo Center in Sao Paulo will host the 4th edition of the International Public and Corporate Security Fair – LAAD Security. The event, which is considered one of the most comprehensive in this market, is intended to bring together about 100 national and international companies. We will participate and put on display defence projects and hydraulic erosion control systems.

“Our extensive experience in gabions, soil reinforcement and protection from natural hazards allows us to help militaries as well as private citizens in rescue missions”, said Paulo Ferretti, Marketing Coordinator at Maccaferri Latin America. One of the technologies that serves this purpose and will be presented at this fair is the FlexMac® DT, a solution that can be used as a flood protection barrier, to raise embankments and provide buttressing support for temporary works.

FlexMac® DT consists of a multicellular structure made of hexagonal double twisted wire mesh. The mesh is reinforced with vertical steel rods and internally lined with a non-woven geotextile sleeve.

“The hexagonal double twisted wire mesh is engineered to provide strength with flexibility. This gives the structure greater flexibility than more rigid solutions and is ideal in areas where differential settlement could occur”, Mr. Ferretti said.

According to Mr. Ferretti, FlexMac® DT stands out also because once the units have served their emergency use, it is possible to reuse the units, by carefully lifting them, allowing the fill material to fall out. “The success of this operation depends on the original filling material used and the condition of the unit post-use”, Mr. Ferretti said.

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