Maccaferri knowledge helps our clients. With our experience and knowledge in these solutions, we regularly assist clients working in the Oil, Gas and Energy markets.

Different challenges, but always the same goal. Regardless of the problem facing our clients, they can be sure that we will endeavour to deliver cost effective, reliable and environmentally friendly solutions, reusing site-won materials whenever possible.

From wind farms, to oil storage, to pipelines. We provide geogrids and geotextiles to reinforce access tracks in order to facilitate the installation of wind farms in remote locations. We have designed containment berms surrounding oil storage facilities and reinforced soil slopes to enable the construction of pipelines through confined areas.

Supporting infrastructure and platforms. Our retaining structures also enable the construction of terminals, plant infrastructure and other facilities on sloping ground, and our high strength geogrids stabilise soft ground to support working platforms.

Efficiently and cost-effectively helping the earth. Where pipelines are laid across the country, we provide erosion control and revegetation solutions to rapidly reinstate the scarred earth. We select a solution appropriate to the erosion or stabilisation risk encountered, for greater efficiency and value-for-money.

Offshore solutions. Offshore, we provide ballasting and protection systems for pipelines, preventing them from being moved by sea-currents, or being damaged by dragging anchors. Our Sarmac bituminous mattresses have been used for over 30 years to protect pipes, especially at junctions and cross-overs.


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