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Salvador (BA): Smart Housing Complex Thanks to Our Solutions


Terramesh® System and MacGrid® used to carry out local soil reinforcement

The Liga Engenharia contacted us to solve a challenging issue that had been impacting an housing complex in Cajazeiras, Salvador (BA). This group of buildings suffered constant congestion along the local 1.4-km single-way connection road. To solve this issue, we used our symmetric Terramesh® Grid system made by the combination of Terramesh® System and MacGrid® technologies, in order to optimize the construction of large and high structures.

When combined, the double twisted wire mesh of Terramesh® System gains additional reinforcement power. In this case, our MacGrid® geogrids become the main reinforcement key element of the structural soil reinforcement and stabilisation. The relevant metal reinforcement intercepts the critical stress curve, as well as ensuring full anchorage of the geogrids. The wide range of applications of our MacGrid® geogrids enables the design for leaner and more economical projects. This material is available in rolls, allowing the use of more extensive reinforcements. In addition, it stands out since Terramesh® System can be easily applied on site.

According to the project specifications, the structure of the Cajazeiras housing complexes should reach a maximum of 19.5 meters and support the heavy vehicular traffic on the upper part due to the 12-meter wide double-lane road. For this reason, the structure stabilisation intervention involved face to face of the geogrids with MacGrid WG 200 and 120 and with a base of 16 meters.

This project was developed by JCJ Consultoria and the premise was the adoption of a solution that would solve the deformations of the soil without compromising the structure, due to the 4 meters of existing ground, requirements that were fully met by the solutions that we offered to support the customer technical engineering team.

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