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Rockfall Solutions secured BR-101 in Mangaratiba (RJ)


Our RMC®200 and SteelGrid® adopted as protection and natural hazard mitigation systems

Located on the foothills of the Serra Do Mar, the highway BR-101 in Mangaratiba is considered a stretch of road with a high risk of instability. Br-101 connecting the city of Rio de Janeiro to Santos has recently undergone events of rockfalls or debris flows. These events made it necessary to develop a project aimed at stabilizing rock blocks by means of flexible structures and high resistance meshes and gabions.

Some fact about BR-101: also known as Translitorânea, BR-101 is a highway which connects 12 Brazilian states from north to south across a distance of 3,000 miles (4,828km), It is the major Brazilian highway and forms a part of the Pan-American Highway. The company Geosonda was in charge to carry out this work together with Maccaferri which provided two essential solutions for the success of the project: RMC®200 Dynamic Barrier and SteelGrid® HR30. Both systems were dimensioned by verifying the degrees of changes of possible trajectories of the falling rocks and by detecting the zones of discontinuities that could have an impact on the stability of the slope. We suggested the use of Impact-absorbing Dynamic Barriers together with high-tensile wire meshes to secure BR-101.

Steelgrid® HR System combines a patented high strength steel wire mesh geocomposite which is used in conjunction with anchor plates, specific U-bolts and mesh connectors. Steelgrid® HR is a breakthrough in composite mesh technology offering high stiffness: high tensile strength at low strain and high punch resistance with low deformation. By anchoring the longitudinal steel cables at the top of the slope, the system can provide greater strength, resulting in a more effective fastening capacity. RMC® Dynamic Barrier, consists of a set of elements: poles, panels and steel cables connected to the structural elements that guarantee high-level impact absorption. During impact, the system ensures energy dissipating and, prevents further movement.

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