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Maccaferri Rockfall Protection Solutions at Porto Sudeste


Our SteelGrid® HR mesh system significantly reduced the risk of rockfalls at the site

Located in the Bay of Sepetiba, in the municipality of Itaguaí (state of Rio de Janeiro), Porto Sudeste is a private port terminal, especially designed to handle and export iron ore from Brazil to the international markets. It occupies an area of 52 hectares and has a capacity for export of 50 million tonnes of iron ore per year. One of the terminal yards is situated in a degraded area, on the disused Sepetiba Quarry, at the foot of a rock cliff. This latter presents numerous rock fragments which required a technical solution to reduce the risk of rockfall hazards.

Given the situation, Port Sudeste hired us to perform a geomechanical mapping of the cliff and indicate the best rockfall protection solutions to solve the issue.

Among our Mac.RO® Systems, we proposed to use our SteelGrid® HR as the most effective solution to stabilize the rock slope at Porto Sudeste.

SteelGrid® is a steel geocomposite combining double-twist hexagonal mesh with longitudinal high tensile steel cables, forming a single easy to deploy product. In this project, we used it in conjunction with anchors and anchor plates for additional stiffness: high tensile strength at low strain and high punch resistance with low deformation.

Installed in 2011, our solution significantly reduced the detachment of rocks from the cliff, allowing a safe execution of the slope stabilization works.

You can watch our video case history here.

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