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Road Recovery in Rio Grande do Sul With MacDrain® TD and MacPipe®


Our drainage system was installed along the ERS 715 and ERS 717 highways for a total of 10 km

The ERS 715 and ERS 717 highways, which connect the cities of Tapes and Sentinela do Sul in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, underwent intense upgrade works in 2016. The highway pavement had suffered damage due to the very high water table. Cracks and holes required continuous maintenance work, hindering mobility in the region. To solve these problems, MacDrain® TD geocomposite was used in combination with the perforated tube MacPipe®.

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) financed a road upgrade program of the ERS 715 and ERS 717 highways, which connects the cities of Tapes and Sentinela do Sul. Several improvement measures were undertaken, including drainage, reprofiling and recomposition of asphalt layers, reconstruction and recycling of pavement and re-signalling.

The presence of a very high water table caused cracks and holes in the road over a 10km long section. The project involved lowering the water table with a drainage solution combining cost-effectiveness, with quick installation and minimal disruption to road traffic.

These requirements were all met using our MacDrain® TD geocomposite, which is equipped with an extended geotextile pocket into which MacPipe®, a polymer collection pipe, can be installed on-site to rapidly form a trench drainage system. The use of drainage trenches helps lower the water table, drawing the water level away from structures that would be damaged by the presence of excess ground water; road base and sub-base layers, concrete floors and sports pitches among many others.

MacDrain® TD (Trench Drainage) is our drainage solution alongside highways and railways, hardstandings and parking lots. It is a 3-dimensional synthetic drain capable of collecting, conducting and draining excess water coming from rainfall and irrigation systems, lowering the water table with maximum efficiency and speed, offering a series of technical, constructive and economic advantages over conventional systems.

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