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Safety First: RMC® Dynamic Barriers Installed at the Henry Borden Hydroelectric Power Plant


A Total of 280 Sqm of our advanced technology used to improve this plant safety standards.

In the 1950s, a series of fractures and discontinuities of the soil were generated due to the use of explosives for the construction of the underground section of the Henry Borden Hydroelectric Power Plant, – a plant situated at the base of the Serra do Mar, in the district of Cubatão (SP). To paint a clear picture, in 2013 a block of land of about two tons fell down near the entrance of the only access route available to reach the site.

To solve this problem, the local Empresa Metropolitana Águas Energia SA (EMAE) chose Maccaferri’s RMC® Dynamic Barriers. This intervention aimed at providing the least possible environmental impact as well as the necessary protection to the region, since the drop area was wide. In total 280 sqm of the RMC 200 / A were installed.

The RMC® Dynamic Barriers have the function of intercepting blocks of rocks of different dimensions, which can break off of the rocky walls because of erosion susceptibility. These solutions comprise a set of elements, including poles, panels and steel cables connected to the structural elements ensuring the absorption of high impact energies. During impact, the system ensures that the falling rocks energy is dissipated, preventing further movement. We should point out that our barriers provide the lowest deformation in the market following a rockfall impact . In this way, they can be installed closer to the structures to protect.

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