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Retaining Walls & Soil Reinforcement Solutions Chosen Also for Residential Projects


Campinas (SP) – TGV Engenharia de Construções Ltda chose Maccaferri solutions for residential projects.

Recently, we have worked in partnership with TGV Engenharia de Construções Ltda for the residential project “Condomínio Chácaras do Alto da Nova Campinas”, São Paulo district. The challenge was to build a private building keeping as much volume as possible and removing any unevenness of the terrain basement since there was a natural slope of 12m between the access road and bordering lots.

The contractor TGV Engenharia de Construções Ltda in charge of carrying out earthmoving and wall erection tasks, chose Maccaferri Retaining Walls & Soil Reinforcement products. The following list provides information and facts about the complexity of this project: Terramesh® Grid (Terramesh® System + MacGrid® WG) at 5 and 13 meters and Jumbo Gabions at 1 to 4.5 meters of the wall. This project required 1868 m² of Terramesh® System, 439.50 m³ of Strong Face Gabion (GalMac® 4R + Polímero), 5150 m² of MacGrid® WG 90 Geogrid, 3605 m² of MacGrid® WG 150 Geogrid, 3680 m² of Geotextile MacTex® H H 40.2.

Our Terramesh® solutions were chosen by TGV Engenharia de Construções Ltda instead of the traditional ones in precast concrete panels, because of the aesthetic properties that our product provides to enhancing the condominium finish and the reduction of direct impact to bordering residential lots.

Terramesh® technology consists of units made of heavily galvanized GalMac® and polymer coated steel wire can also receive additional reinforcements thanks to pre-assembled units of double twisted wire mesh (8×10 type) to optimize the construction of large structures. Because of the strength of our product, MacGrid® used in this project for the main reinforcement with their metal reinforcement intercepting the critical stress curve, also ensuring full anchorage of geogrids.

Once again, with more than 135 years of expertise, Maccaferri turned out to be a leader in civil infrastructure engineering solutions with a range of products dramatically conceived for soil reinforcement.

Click here and watch as the project has been carried out.

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