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Retaining Structures

A stretch of ERS-115 was blocked due to a break of 90 m in length

Maccaferri Latin America has been working, upon request from many South American institutions and governments, in several road and highway major projects, including El Salvador, Argentina, and Peru.

A stretch of the ERS-115 road between km 22 and 33, between the cities of Três Coroas and Gramado, was closed down at the start of 2016, as a result of a rupture of 90 m in length, which formed an inclination of more than 1m in height. Caused by an atypical rainy season, the damage also resulted in the collapse of the road embankment. Since this is considered to be the main road access to Gramado, Canela and other towns of Serra Gaúcha, the highway required the contracting of the project and bidding on the work on an emergency basis.

The State government invested more than R$ 11.3 million on the stabilisation and recovery of the affected stretch, going with Empresa Gaúcha de Rodovias (EGR) for the project. EGR chose to use the Terramesh System and MacTex H for reinforced soil walls and slope reinforcement.

The first step was carried out with the implementation of a reinforced soil retaining wall with the Terramesh System. Upon reaching the bottom of the dig site, the construction of the retaining wall was started, which included a sequence of compacted backfill along with the implementation of the Terramesh system. The main advantages of these solutions include the very low operational risk, the performance speed proportional to the work front (when the front is larger, more speed), as well as the fact that they do not require a service road, and that the method was less sensitive to climate conditions.

The work was carried out over 135 working days and used 1,456.80 m² of the Terramesh System and an additional 4,290 m² of MacTex H. In order to get an idea of the challenge, at km 27 of the road, the wall comes to a height of 11 m and 150 m in length. Then at km 29, the height of the wall is 13 m and the length is 100 m. The dig volume moved 55,000 m³ tons of backfill and required another 35,000 m³ for backfill. The stretch was reopened for traffic in May 2016.

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