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Responsible mining at Expominas

Mining expo

Maccaferri will be showcasing our mining solutions

The 10th edition of Expominas will take place in Quito, Ecuador from April 19th to 21st. The theme of the conference will be responsible mining. Maccaferri will attend the trade expo with a booth dedicated to our mining solutions. There, visitors will find cost effective and quick-to-install solutions for mining companies to help protect the environment and safeguard mining employees.

The 10th Expominas Heavy Machinery and Construction 2017 emphasises the urgent need for mining operations to be aligned with the social responsibility. Taking place in Quito, Ecuador, from April 19th to 21st, the event’s programme of lectures, conferences and debates will bring together mining solution providers.

For Maccaferri de Ecuador, Expominas represents an opportunity to interact with the executives of the main mining companies and engineers as well as with Ecuador’s governmental authorities and regulatory agencies.

Maccaferri is well positioned to support project teams, enabling them to meet the requirements of new extraction projects, including the environmental, social and technical demands.

With regards to older mine projects, nearing the end of their planned extraction activities, Maccaferri’s experience in hydraulic works and erosion protection, have proven to facilitate the rapid re-establishment of vegetation to complete the mine closure operations.

Our mining capabilities are used within open pit mines, underground mines, access works and mine infrastructure, mine closure, storage process, dewatering and treatment processes. We are able to provide effective engineering solutions to meet the challenges facing mine owners at each stage of their mine’s lifecycle; our solutions have already been used in some of the largest mines the world.

Contact us to arrange a meeting at our booth. We would be delighted to meet you there!

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