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Reno Mattresses provided an ideal solution for fixing the Cachoeira and Atibainha dam canals

Reno Mattresses

According to the PCJ Consortium project, this rectification will bring upon flow and stability improvements within the basins.

The Intermunicipal Consortium of the Piracicaba, Capivari and Jundiaí River Basins (PCJ Consortium) presented on the 11th of March, a project designed to rectify the downstream canals of:
– the Cachoeira reservoir in Piracaia
– the Atibainha reservoir, in Nazaré Paulista.

The meeting was held in Americana. Attending Technicians of the Consortium decided that Maccaferri’s Reno Mattress would be the most appropriate solution for the rectification. The installation is expected to generate improvements related to flow and stability, and allow for a lower waterline. In doing so, the new work will facilitate navigation and the recovery of marginal lands.

The project was discussed at length in the 91st issue of the Living Water Magazine that is regularly published by the PCJ Consortium.

Works using Gabion and Reno Mattress combination solutions use them to cover and protect canals and their respective banks. In doing so, the hydraulic flow and direction of the Cantareira [Water Supply] System can provide more utility.

Each Reno Mattress consists of a single element that forms the base, sidewalls, and the diaphragm. These surfaces make up the inner walls. Cuts at the ends of the frame indicate the fold points for closure. Above this, the mattresses is closed with a mesh a lid.

Currently, the project is facing challenges. One such challenge is the allocation of high flow rates for the PCJ Basins. To elaborate further, the Cachoeira dam may not experience increased flow due to its location. The Atibainha reservoir also has limitations as the distribution of water released to the PCJ Basins has slowed down immensely due to a floodplain that is located behind the dam.

For the PCJ Consortium, these works are essential as they secure the water supply during the dry season. Works involving these canals will amplify each PCJ Basins’ water volume, thus allowing for an increased storage of water.
About the PCJ Consortium:
The Intermunicipal Consortium of the Piracicaba, Capivari and Jundiaí River Basins is a private, non-profit organization that aims to recover water sources in its area of coverage. The entity strives to maintain a degree of awareness over the water needs of all societal sectors in the region. This includes planning and promoting the recovery of water sources;
Founded on October 13, 1989, the Consortium deals independently with both technical and financial queries relevant to water recovery. The organization collects and applies resources to environmental programs. Finals decisions rest with the Consortium Council.

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