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Reinforced soil structures made out of Terramesh and Geogrids enable urban infrastructure work


1.5 long and 16 m in height, the new route required the combination of various Maccaferri solutions including Terramesh and Geogrids such as the MacTex and MacGrid products.

The newly opened Avenida Jorge Calmon Muniz de Bittencourt in Salvador (BA) connects the neighbourhoods of Cajazeiras V and X, and promises to relieve traffic in the region. The project was made possible by combining different containment solutions using reinforced soil that was offered by the Italian manufacturer Maccaferri.

The new road is 1.5km long and 16 m high. The infrastructure of the route required the combination of gabion works, high-strength geogrids, MacTex geotextiles, and Maccaferri MacGrid and Terramesh soil reinforcement geogrids.

Due to the characteristics of the location and the 16 m height, we presented the best solutions for the project and offered technical assistance, from the preparation and definition of the structural design of the structural project, as well as post-project technical assistance”, stated the Maccaferri engineer, Ronaldo Oliveira, in pointing out what sets the company apart.

Apart from containment activities, the construction of the road demanded the in substitution of soil with plum concrete so that the location would have sufficient capacity to support the project, since it involves an area consisting of alluvial soil. Since the neighbourhood had few uninhabited places, it was necessary to take advantage of them, in order to overcome a significant number of challenges.

Overall, the works lasted for a period of nine months, including earthworks, slope containment, asphalt paving, and construction of curbs and sidewalks, a drainage system, landscaping, and lighting. The new sidewalks for the route are two meters wide at the fullest extent.

Apart from this, three new bus stops, with the corresponding bus stops, were provided for the population. The total investment involved was R$ 10 million.  The expectation is that mobility in the region will improve even further with the completion of connections between Cajazeiras and BR-324, at a total value of R$ million, which will be concluded by April, 2016. This is the largest project in the mobility sector currently underway by the Salvador Prefecture.

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