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Regeo Geosynthetics 2015 Event

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Maccaferri has been the Gold sponsor for the Geotechnical Engineering with Sustainability during the Regeo Geosynthetics 2015 Event.

The magazine “Foundations & Geotechnical Works” continues to paid a great attention to the works and the activities where Maccaferri is involved, as already appeared in the previous issue published.

The new issue, number 60 of September, has carried a special report about the two major conferences concerning the topic of geotechnical engineering, done together in 2015 and hosted in Brasilia: Regeo 2015 (VIII Brazilian Congress on Environmental Geotechnics) and the Geosynthetics 2015 (VII Brazilian Geosynthetics Congress) take place from 19 to 21 July 2015, in University Center of Brasilia (Uniceub).

Maccaferri has been Gold sponsor of this important event. It has presented their solutions in geosynthetics, as geotextile Nonwoven MacTex the Microgrelha MacGrid Net as main focuses, in addition to MacDrain Geocomposite Drainage, Geomanta MacMat, Geomembrane Geotextile Tube MacLine and MacTube.

The main theme of the Conference has been the “Geotechnical Engineering with Sustainability” discussed by analysing the application techniques and the research made upon two main areas: environmental geotechnics and geosynthetics.

Due to the importance the gravity that the environmental issue has achieved, it must think to own work in a more sustainable way. The works of Geotechnical Engineering has to guarantee better quality of life for the population and has to assist in economic and social development. The President of REGEO, Marcia Mascarenha, has noted the importance of adopting “sustainable actions to ensure the preservation of natural resources and a good quality of life for future generations.”

In addition to the main themes, other several topics have been discussed during the event:

ï environmental applications and applications of geosynthetics in roads and railways

ï technological characterization, reuse and disposal of waste and sterile mining

ï risk management in environmental geotechnics

The events, which take place every four years in different Brazilian state, has dominated by the presence of important  professionals, students and researchers. The first Geosynthetics was held in Brasilia in 1992, 23 years ago, and only now has returned to the city.

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