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Peru: Terramesh® System for a Construction Project on the AR-115


MacGrid®, MacTex® and MacMat® used in a local reinforced soil containment structure

We have been contacted by the Sociedad Minera Cerro Verde (SMCV) of Peru to participate in a road project on the AR-115, Arequipa. We suggested to realise a Terramesh® reinforced soil system since it enables to create a landfill and keep the continuity of the road. This solution was easily adapted to the rock base and easily implemented since it was cheaper and quicker to carry out. Moreover, Terramesh® allowed SMCV to realise a safe route plan that was compliant with the actual Peruvian technical standards for road projects.

Our Terramesh® System elements consist of a metallic reinforcement made of double twisted wire mesh and a facing section similar to gabions, both parts made of a single element which forms the reinforcement, the base, the face and the cover of each unit. Terramesh® is made of low carbon steel wires coated by a very technologically advanced corrosion protection bonds that ensures high tensile strength and low stretch levels. The final result is like a wall of gabions and Terramesh® which allows the vegetation to grow. This system also drains in all frontal facing section.

In addition to over than 500 Terramesh® System units, the AR-115 project required other Maccaferri’s technologies, such as MacGrid®, MacTex® and MacMat®.

MacGrid® geogrids have been developed for soil reinforcement and have a high tensile strength and high modulus of elasticity at low elongation. MacTex® is a high-quality geotextile manufactured by means of a state-of-the-art technology to meet the most diverse applications and being used for projects of the highway sector. MacMat® is a three-dimensional flexible geomat featured by a very high porosity (greater than 90% on average) and made of synthetic polypropylene filaments that are tangled together.

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