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OISOE announces more control measures on transparency of construction works.

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500 engineers and architects received a lecture on effective supervision and deployment of infrastructural works, with the participation of international experts.

OISOE is a government body with the mission of coordinating, implementing and supervising the construction of national infrastructures in accordance to transparency standards and under the commitment of covering the development needs of the country and its citizens, by employing the best engineering practices as well as respecting the environment.

The Director General of the OISOE, Pagan Francisco Rodriguez gave instructions. In his opinion, supervision and effective control on any road infrastructure is crucial because on that depends the durability of the work and its quality of it, in addition to guaranteeing that the confidence of the Dominican people is maintained.

The Civil Engineering and Master of Management Ariel Tejeda, responsible for the first lecture titled “Introduction to effective supervision and oversight in Infrastructure”, reaffirmed Maccaferri’s commitment aimed at increasing the knowledge of engineers in the Dominican Republic.

Engineer Jose Soto spoke about the GawacWin software for retaining walls and gabions, while Engineer Golye Latoufe discussed the Mac.STARS 2000 software for retaining walls and reinforced soil construction on soft ground.

The GawacWin program was developed to provide engineers, designers and builders with a quick and reliable way to perform the analysis required for proper verification of projects featuring gabions wall. This program is capable of verifying a wide range of situations that may normally occur in such projects, and by optimizing situations that require specialized and complementary analyses.

The Mac.STARS 2000 program was developed to analyse the stability of reinforced soil, that is, structures that promote slope stability using reinforcement units capable of absorbing tensile stresses. Its main functions include the analysis of pending existing embankments without reinforcements, analysis of reinforced embankments or walls with respect to Terramesh, analysis of elements in embankments that are reinforced by geogrids, analysis of embankments or reinforced walls by combining Terramesh and geogrids, analysis of embankments on soft ground, among others.

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