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Corinto, Nicaragua, inaugurates first stage of coastal erosion protection project


Maccaferri CentroAmerica deploys MacTube® coastal protection solution

The city of Corinto, located in Nicaragua, on the Pacific Northwest Coast, inaugurated the first phase of a coastal protection project, using Maccaferri’s solution MacTube®. The region suffered from erosion caused by the intense waves of the sea.

Maccaferri CentroAmerica engineers were invited by the Corinto Prefecture in Nicaragua for the inauguration of their 2,000 m long coastal protection project. The event took place on February 3rd, and it was attended by government officials and the press, who visited the site. The average erosion rate in Corinto is approximately 3 m per year. However, the alarm was raised to the authorities in 2015, when a 12m erosion was registered in just two weeks.

Maccaferri CentroAmerica proposed the installation of a longitudinal coastal protection structure using MacTube® P13XL20. The original project proposed the installation of a series of 220 m long structures, each separated by a 25 m gap. This separation would have allowed the passage of sediments at high tide, but which also would have remained deposited in the structure during low tide. Therefore, considering the strong surface currents on the coast of Corinto, it was decided instead to install a continuous structure.

These Coastal protection measures reduce significantly the dynamic impact of the waves on the shore which remove and transport sediments off the coast. The MacTube® structures are installed to provide erosion protection for the future. MacTube® W1 17S is made from a woven geotextile fabric specifically designed for coastal protection; it has a high mechanical resistance, in addition to being inert to biological degradation and UV rays.

It is expected that this solution will soon be installed along other stretches of the coast.

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