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Maccaferri launches new dynamic barriers within the MacRo systems rockfall protection range.

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Available in two models with impact capacities of 100 and 500 kJ, these rockfall protection barriers require less anchorage than other equivalent systems and complement the existing range of MacRO systems.

With over 60 years’ experience in rockfall protection systems and natural hazard mitigation, Maccaferri offers a wide and efficient range of systems to stabilize rock faces, soil slopes and snow masses, reducing risks to people, buildings and infrastructure. The range includes high strength meshes, debris flow fences, rockfall embankments and the world’s highest capacity rockfall catch fence at 8,500kJ.

Maccaferri expanded its range of solutions for protection against rockfalls, launching the dynamic MacRo barriers RMC 100UAF and RMC 050ICAT2. In consideration of territorial expansion in areas subject to landslides, flooding, and falling rocks, the manufacturer developed a solution to support rocks falling at an average speed of 27 m/s, with a weight from 300 to 1400 kg.

A RMC 100UAF and RMC 050ICAT2 dynamic barriers are set apart by their ease of installation, since they need less anchorage, reduced reduced on-slope drilling and less operational footprint” explains civil engineer Maccaferri, Matheus Camargo Garcia. These products complement other solutions from the company, such as Steelgrid HR mesh and the HEA Panel, and dynamic RMC barriers.

Until this point, Maccaferri’s barriers had a minimum absorption capacity of 750 kH, which was over-capacity and impractical for certain recurring situations. The new Maccaferri barriers meet this demand for lower energy rockfall impact barriers while enabling the cost-effective protection of road, railway and mine infrastructure.

The new models of dynamic barriers from Maccaferri were designed and deceloped by the parent company in Italy in 2013, but they only reached the Brazilian market in the second half of 2015. Within the interrim period, the barriers were extensively tested and were independently certified in accordance with the ETAG 027 (European Technical Approval Guidelines).

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