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Maccaferri positions itself as a provider of mining solutions at the 9th EXPOMINAS Fair


Maccaferri exposes geomembrane and retaining wall applications at the 9th EXPOMINAS Heavy Machinery and Construction Fair to shed light on current mining solutions.

At a trade show in Ecuador, Maccaferri positioned itself as a provider of mining solutions. The ninth edition of the event included several enterprises of the industry. Our products and solutions can help mine owners with any kind of problem in each stage of their mine’s lifecycle. From access and material handling infrastructure, rockfall hazard mitigation, product concentration, and leachate storage, to dewatering and site remediation, we are here to give you our solution.

To promote dialogue and business among the global players in the mining sector, the 9th EXPOMINAS Heavy Machinery and Construction Fair gathered more than 150 exhibitors in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, from the dates of April 6 to 8. Equipment manufacturers, service providers and solution providers for mining infrastructure, as well as experts from various countries like Carotti Martin (Argentina), Agustin Cárdenas (Bolivia), Romulo Mucho (Peru) and Jorge Neher (Colombia), attended the event.

Maccaferri stands out among the largest providers of solutions for mining infrastructure. During the event, Maccaferri showcased :

  • geomembranes for waterproofing and retaining walls
  • MAC.RO systems which consist of mesh to prevent rock falls and reduce the risk of debris flows

Maccaferri’s engineer Giovanni Bolaños stated: “We have specific solutions for each challenge in mining, providing service to infrastructure in the form of geotechnical works, from storage and treatment of leachate to the dewatering of sludge.” He furthermore posited, “We envision using the potential of mining in Ecuador to position ourselves as providers of secure technology solutions that offer environmental benefits.”

The program for the 9th EXPOMINAS Heavy Machinery and Construction Fair featured 11 lectures and 13 technical presentations on subjects such as legal changes in global mining, legal aspects of mining, and promoting sustainable development. The Mining ViceMinister, Galo Armas, revealed at the opening of the event to have received 196 proposals from companies interested in mining in Ecuador. The announcement was accompanied by the launch of an investment plan intended to strengthen the sector.

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