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MacTube® Dewatering contributes to sewage plant sanitation in Argentina


Our environmental solution will be installed to increase the quality of the water poured into Las Achiras stream in the Municipality of Gualeguaychu

The municipality of Gualeguaychu, in the province of Entre Ríos, Argentina, is implementing a sanitation plan in its sewage treatment plant. As part of the project, our MacTube® Dewatering geotextile containers will be used for the dewatering and drying of the sediments accumulated in the plant basins.

Our MacTube® Dewatering tubular geotextile containers will be filled with the sediments and the sludge which are currently in the basins. The fluid will drain through the fabric walls, leaving the solid residues within the tube. Once the residue will have dried it will be disposed of far more safely and cost effectively than wet, slurried material.

According to the Project Manager Ivan Mataitis, the system is very cost-effective, as it is easy to install and does not require intensive labor. “Undoubtedly, the retention capacity of the sedimentation basins will improve and the presence of sludge will decrease, leading to a substantial improvement in the quality of the water poured into Las Achiras stream,” said Mataitis.

He also pointed out that the treatment plan of the Gualeguaychu sewage plant results from a collaboration of the Universidade Nacional do Litoral with the Sanitary Works Department and the Municipal Environmental Forum, which acted as an external consultant.

Eight 15 m long and 4 m wide containers will be installed in the first phase of the project.

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