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MacForce is incorporated within the construction solutions of road work in Peru

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MacForce is among the constructive solutions of road work in Peru

Located in northern Peru, the city of Piura recently have been improving their road infrastructure. The most recent works include a roundabout, an 11.8km highway around the city, two bridges of 43 m and two ‘cloverleaf’ interchanges.

The new features help to reduce the environmental impacts associated with vehicle traffic and improve the transport of heavy loads, bringing producers and consumers markets together. Two other significant benefits are the reduction in the time of congestion and the reduction of accidents.

The project commenced in November 2013, and was completed in September 2015 by Concesionaria IIRSA Norte, belonging to the Odebrecht group Latinvest.

MacForce was used among the constructive solutions employed in the enterprise. It was used to form the 76 m long retaining walls installed on the external side of the extensions and the access ramps. As the work demanded a reinforced soil structure with a vertical face, MacForce was identified as the best engineering solution and for its cost-benefit ratio.

The MacForce product line is highly effective in these applications, especially at the intersection between bridges and viaducts. It is a reinforced soil system with a concrete panel fascia in conjunction with soil reinforcement using polymeric geostrips. During construction, these reinforcements are positioned horizontally within the compacted backfill to the reinforced soil structure. The resistance and rigidity of the Paraweb geostrips enables the system to be used in high walls and retaining structures subjected to extreme loads.

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