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Maccaferri Sponsors the First Brazilian ‘Tunnel Day’


The tunnelling community gathered at the event promoted by the Brazilian Tunnelling Committee (CBT) of ABMS

‘Tunnel Day’ was celebrated by the professionals of the tunnelling community on December 4th. Every year, several countries take part in the celebration, which Brazil joined this year for the first time. We were the official sponsor of the Brazilian ‘Tunnel Day’ which was promoted by the Brazilian Tunnelling Committee (CBT) of the Brazilian Association of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ABMS). The event program was divided into two parts: the first one was technical and focused on rods for rock tunnels; the second one paid tribute to some outstanding Brazilian professionals and represented an opportunity for networking and socializing.

The event was hosted by the Sao Paulo Engineering Institute and brought together Brazilian and international professionals. The works started with the lecture “Rods – Design, Manufacture, Execution, Maintenance and Repair” by Werner Bilfinger, CBT President. The lecture was followed by a discussion and exchange of experiences.

The program continued with two roundtables focusing on the same theme “Rods in Tunnelling Projects and Underground Works”. The first one was mediated by former CBT president, Hugo Rocha. The panel was composed by Sergio Fontoura, professor at PUC-Rio and founder of CBT, Luis Eduardo Sozio, consultant, Danilo Gavasso, Incotep, Cássio Luis Abeid Moura, CPB and Secretary General of CBT, and José Heli de Almeida, Toniolo, Busnello, besides the participation of the audience.

The second roundtable was mediated by Argimiro Alvarez Ferreira, from Sao Paulo Metro and former president of CBT. The guests were Carlos Eduardo Moreira Maffei, Maffei Engenharia, Carlos Augusto Campanhã, CJC Engenharia, Daniel Canova Renosto, Torcisão, Bruno Leonardo Rossi, Brseal, and Luiz Guilherme Isfer Maciel, from Pedra Branca Excavations.

We sponsored the event to reinforce our positioning as technical partners to the tunnelling industry, offering solutions to the challenges faced at each stage of the tunnelling process, including portals and support systems, steel reinforcement and consolidation of the excavated face, waterproofing, primary lining, drainage and final lining.

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