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Maccaferri at the 2015 edition of Geo Caruru

Geo Caruru_2015

Maccaferri at the 2015 edition of Geo Caruru

On 16 December, the ABMS – Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Brazilian Association, Core Bahia, held the 5th edition of the Fellowship of Geotechnical ABMS – NRBA, the Geo Caruru.

The ABMS is a technical and scientific non-profit association of great tradition in Brazilian engineering sector, which currently consists of about a thousand members. Founded in 1950, the ABMS gathers the Brazilian geotechnical professionals working in soil mechanics, rock mechanics, the paving mechanics, foundations, dams, excavations, tunnels, mining, geosynthetics, environmental geotechnics, landfills, Petroleum Geomechanics, and other activities of the Geotechnical Engineering.

To further strengthen the relationship between ABMS and Maccaferri, for 4 years Ronaldo Ramos, engineer of Maccaferri Latin America, will be part of the ABMS Board – Core Bahia, acting as treasurer. As a member of the ABMS for more than ten years, Maccaferri holds and supports the most important geotechnical events in Brazil and Latin America, organized and carried out by this important body. Click here to discover more.

The 2015 Geo Caruru took place at the Auditorium Leopoldo Amaral of the Polytechnic School of the Federal University of Bahia. The campus of Brazilian public higher education is among the largest and most influential university in the state of Bahia.

The main theme of the meeting was of technical nature: Transportation Logistics – Geotechnical Perspective.

The program took place, as follows:

  • Geosynthetics Solutions for drainage on highways. Civil Engineer Luis Ramon Pin, Maccaferri of Brazil Ltda, graduate degree in Road Paving, responsible for Paving and Drainage sectors in Brazil
  • Current Testing for Pavement Performance Pr. Eng. Luis Edmundo Prado fields, UFBA
  • Current overview and outlook for the Brazilian Waterway Transport. Rogério Menescal, ANTAQ

At the end of the formal meeting the 1st Hernani Sobral lecture was held. This lecture seeks to honour outstanding geotechnics professionals in Bahia, and takes place once a year.

The lecture was given by Pr. Moacyr Schwab de Menezes, Consultant for the Geotechnical and Pavement sectors and Retired Professor of the Federal University of Bahia, in addition to being Retired Engineer from DERBA – Bahia Department of Transport Infrastructure, a local authority of the State of Bahia, linked to the Department of Infrastructure – Seinfra.

The topic of the lecture was: “Massapequa: Myth or Reality?”.

In our talk, after a brief explanation about a geosynthetics and their main functions, a technical presentation was presented as regards the importance of drainage systems in highways, by showing the main differences between the construction stages of a drainage system using MacDrain TD and a conventional drainage system.

The MacDrain TD geocomposite was one of the products presented as a solution for these types of drainage. MacDrain TD is a lightweight and flexible geocomposite, approximately 12mm thick, made by thermobonding a three-dimensional drainage mat of extruded polymer monofilaments between two filtering geotextiles that may also perform as separation or protecting layers. The three-dimension mat has a biconical cuspated shape. The lower edge of the MacDrain TD roll has an extended geotextile pocket into which a polymer collection pipe can be installed on-site, to rapidly form a trench drainage system.

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