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Maccaferri launches a practical and online workshop to discuss drainage solutions

Drainage Solutions

Maccaferri’s five day long hands-on and online workshop will consider the do’s and don’ts of geocomposite drainage systems with particular emphasis on the MacDrain product range.

MacDrain geocomposite drainage solutions can be applied to buildings, gardens, and green roofs, as well as soccer fields and highways. Designing these in an efficient and economical manner is a challenge that requires the intervention of qualified professionals. Importantly, MacDrain also enables the reduction in the use of gravels and other natural drainage materials – this helps to reduce the carbon footprint and pollution caused by the transportation of these gravels. To meet this challenge, Maccaferri launches an online workshop, detailing the design and construction aspects for more efficient drainage systems.

The workshop will be opened to professionals (e.g. engineers, architects and technicians) with an interest for or direct hands-on experience in drainage work in general. The workshop takes five days and it will be held between the 22nd and 26th of August. Each day will be dedicated to a major theme: construction, sports fields/gardens and green roofs, drainage roads and properties/geocomposite drainage tests.
The workshop concludes with a live webinar, presenting cases of award-winning works and cost comparisons, as well as offering a period for discussion and questions.

The activities will be complemented by support materials such as mini-videos, and an e-book on subsurface drainage floors, signed by Carlos Yukio Suzuki, Angela Martins Azevedo, and Felipe Kabbach Issa Junior. Links to additional research will be also provided. Maccaferri’s engineers, Paulo Rocha and Philip Pupo are going to be the workshop trainers and relied on the Course Text Copyright Office as a partner.

“We chose this subject based on the importance of drainage in the success of the work and durability of construction. The MacDrain geocomposite stands out due to its high capacity, with significant development, environmental and economic advantages”, stated the engineer and instructor, Paulo Rocha.

The MacDrain Geocomposite sets itself apart form another alternative as it is light and easy to handle. Also, it requires less time and fewer professionals to install when compared to other traditional solutions, such as crushed stone and geotextiles. Actually, a single worker can handle a roll of MacDrain (2m wide).

Also, there is no need for skilled labor or specialized equipment for installation. Finally, the excavated material used for the execution of the trenches can be reused for backfill in the same trenches.

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