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Hydraulic resources and infrastructure are matters addressed at the XXVII Latin American Hydraulics Congress

Obras hidráulicas

The agenda for the meeting covered other areas related to engineering, environment and climate change.

The XXVII Latin American Hydraulics Congress will be held between the dates of 26 and 30 September, in Lima, the capital of Peru. This initiative by the Association of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineers of Peru (APIHA), in partnership with various universities in that country, emphasised hydraulic engineering technology in relation to sustainability of rural development.

The agenda of XXVII Latin American Hydraulics Congress covered five main areas:

  • Mechanics of Fluids,
  • Hydraulics Engineering,
  • Hydraulic Infrastructure,
  • Rivers and Coasts;
  • Water and the Environment, Water Resources and Hydrology, Water and Society.

The organizers reported that this theme was chosen to contemplate subjects ranging from aspects of engineering to the impacts that climate change may have on water resources and possible remediation methods.

In order to present solutions compatible with these demands, Maccaferri will be at the event with a booth (Nos. 11 and 12). “We are a company with over a hundred years of experience in hydraulic works for protection, channel training and waterways”, said Paulo Ferretti, marketing coordinator for Maccaferri. According to him, the Italian manufacturer works with traditional techniques combined with technological solutions such as the development of geosynthetics, which can be used to meet the needs of even large works such as canals, dams and coastal barriers.

Maccaferrri’s solutions for hydraulic works include reservoir waterproofing systems, ponds, canals and dissipator blocks for controlling dynamic hydraulic flows which carry solids or sediments in suspension.

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