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Maccaferri Guest of “Momento Tecnologia” on Osasco TV


Fabricio Zambotto, Maccaferri’s Environmental Solutions Manager, was invited to speak on geosynthetics

Fabricio Zambotto, Maccaferri’s Environmental Solutions Manager and Coordinator of the Geosynthetics Technical Committee (CTG), was the special guest of the 180th edition of “Momento Tecnologia”, a weekly program of Osasco TV giving voice to technology professionals from different areas of engineering.

During the interview, Fabricio commented on the importance of the work being done by CTG. Created by the Brazilian Association of Woven and Non-Woven Technical Textile Industries (ABINT), the Committee aims to disseminate knowledge on the correct applications of geosynthetic products in engineering works, as well as the concepts of quality to be observed by manufacturers and users, thus contributing to the market development in an ethical and responsible way.

He also took the opportunity to explain the characteristics of non-woven geotextiles, the first products in the geosynthetics range being extensively used in modern engineering. Our MacTex® H is an example of such products. “Basically, a non-woven geotextile is a felt fabric made of polyester or polypropylene fibers, whose function is separating water from the soil. It is widely used in highway drainage, sound insulation and other applications,” he said.

Commenting generally on the use of geosynthetics, Fabricio added: “These products can be used to protect the soil from contamination or even to reinforce an airport runway.” As an example of environmental applications, he mentioned geomembranes, such as our MacLine® impermeable liners. These products have been developed for the waterproofing and lining of landfills, reservoirs and any other situation where there is a need to protect the soil from pollution.

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