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Green Terramesh® Stands out in Protection Works against Environmental Disasters


Our product examined in the 87th issue of the magazine Fundações e Obras Geotécnicas

The so-called mass movements, such as landslides, rockfalls or debris flows, are among the main phenomena causing natural disasters in Brazil. These phenomena affect areas characterised by a rugged topography and natural or artificial thalwegs due to natural factors or often to human intervention.

This topic was the focus of an article published in January 2018 by the magazine Fundações e Obras Geotécnicas. Written by the civil engineer Andrea Balbuzano Pelizoni; the article pointed out the various techniques developed to stabilise, protect and mitigate the mass movements that could lead to natural disasters. These include rock stabilization through green soil nailing, the implementation of dynamic barriers or reinforced soil rockfall embankments and the stabilisation by means of high strength mesh system.

The article mentioned our Green Terramesh® system, consisting of pre-fabricated units of double-twisted hexagonal mesh lined with an erosion control blanket and stiffened with a welded mesh panel, combined with our MacMat® geomat reinforced by steel rods and welded mesh.

Widely used against rockfalls, Green Terramesh® is mainly conceived for its minimal environmental impact. Moreover, Green Terramesh® is used when a vegetated facing is required to form naturally looking slopes or in case of shortage of stones in the area.

At the end of this article, issued by Fundações e Obras Geotécnicas magazine the author pointed out that natural disasters are often catastrophic events involving significant human and economic losses. Thus, the adoption of preventive measures to manage areas of risk and mitigating the effects are fundamental actions to ensure the safety of the population.

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