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The Use of Geosynthetics in Agribusiness Talked About in Dia a Dia Rural, a weekly programme broadcast on Terraviva channel


Fabrício Zambotto, Maccaferri’s Environmental Solutions Manager and CTG’s coordinator , invited to speak on geosynthetics for the main topic of Dia a Dia Rural TV programme

The use of geosynthetics in agribusiness is already a reality and has spread around the world. Not surprisingly, the sector is experiencing problems similar to those in the civil and environmental construction sectors, such as soil erosion and pollution. The theme was the agenda of the Day to Day Rural programme of Terraviva, the agribusiness channel of the Bandeirantes group.

On March 13, Otávio Ceschi Júnior, received Fabricio Zambotto, Maccaferri’s Environmental Solutions Manager and coordinator of the Technical Committee of Geosynthetics (CTG) of the Brazilian Association of Nonwoven and Technical Fabrics Industries (ABINT).

During the interview Mr. Zambotto pointed out that agribusiness has been fasterly connecting to engineering concepts and the use of geosynthetics plays a fundamental role in this process. «There are some major applications of geosynthetics in agriculture. The first of these is the containment of water in tanks, much used in places with very permeable soils, as is the case of cities of the Triângulo Mineiro or the West of Bahia.» In this case, geomembranes and drainage geocomposites can be used for storage ponds and reservoirs for agricultural facilities.

According to Mr. Zambotto, other applications aim at preventing erosion or protecting groundwater and surface water, avoiding the pollution caused by animal waste. Furthermore, the geosynthetics can be applied as reinforcement, improving the soil stabilization to avoid the sinking of the soil and increasing the infrastructure lifetime.

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