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Advances with Geocomposite MacDrain in highway drainage.


The Maccaferri geocomposite MacDrain provides technical installation, and commercial advantages.

Despite the vast amount of technology existent in Brazil, dedicated to making roads safer, maintenance for the road network still needs to be improved.
Data shown by Prefeitos & Gestões magazine indicate that 58% of cargo is carried along nearly 1.7 million kilometers of roads in Brazil, and 80.3% of those roads are still unpaved. Major difficulties persist in the internal distribution of goods, leading to loss of competitiveness and increase in transport costs. According to the institute, dependence on the road transport is a defect shared by most Latin American countries, which results in costs above the world average. This begs the question: “Who can take care of Brazilian roads?”

This begs the question: “Who can take care of Brazilian roads?”

Maccaferri revolutionizes the realm of roadwork construction through a wide range of applications for embankments on soft soils, erosion control, wires and fences, hydraulic works, retaining works, rockfall control, roadway pavement, and tunnels. Combining technical expertise, low environmental impact and integration with the environment, Maccaferri takes on challenging projects, thus improving the performance of the highways.

Maccaferri’s MacDrain range makes an ideal engendering solution to mitigate roadwork deterioration. Currently MacDrain features prominently in the 46th edition of Prefeitos & Gestões [Mayors and Management] magazine, in the article “Road drainage with MacDrain TD geocomposite”.

The article discusses the safety precautions that must be taken on highways. Such precautions also benefit the longevity of pavement, whereby the removal of excess water on and within the road structure can be performed more efficiently with the Maccaferri drainage geocomposites. When compared to traditional gravel and geotextile systems, the manufacturer’s solution brings more benefits to the table. For example, it reduces exposure of installers to road-related labor risks and eliminated the need for a disposal area, thus reducing the costs involved in the work.

MacDrain TD (Trench Drainage) is a lightweight, flexible geocomposite with a drainage core formed by a three-dimensional geotextile thermo-bonded with two non-woven geotextiles that have physical and hydraulic properties compatible with various drainage projects. The geocomposite is installed using a digging process that can be performed with different types of equipment, depending on the depth of the excavation. Thus, trenches or micro-trenches can be opened with the use of both backhoes and trenchers or by using special saws for cutting pavement.

The report also highlights the quality of the final finished product of the drainage trenches made with geocomposites, as a result of the smaller width of the channel. In the case of surface drainage systems, the “scar” caused by the installation of drains is almost invisible. For users, the combination of these aspects provides more safety and comfort on highways.

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