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GeoCarioca 2015

GeoCarioca 2015 - Maccaferri Latin America

Maccaferri sponsored GeoCarioca 2015, Geotechnical Engineering Symposium Rio de Janeiro.

Geotechnical Engineering Symposium Rio de Janeiro,organized by The Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Brazilian Association and held last December at Planetarium Gavea, Rio de Janeiro.

The event brought together more than 150 people, including professionals, academics, students, designers, builders and engineering companies, in a forum of discussion and exchange of information.

With the theme “Geotechnical Challenges”, the event addressed issues such as river GeoOlímpico, geotechnical legacy of the Olympics 2016 and the major geotechnical challenges of port works.

Inside the event program we had three plenary sessions:

Plenary 1: Geo-Rio Olympic – Facilities.

Session 2: Geo-Rio Olympic – urban mobility.

Session 3: Port works: Geotechnical Challenges.

The organization, in order to make the exchange of information and experiences, created the “moment with Industry”, where sponsors helped with their solutions and technical and market knowledge.

Our lecture entitled, “Solo Reinforced Terramesh and geogrids at great heights” taught by Mr. Emerson Ananias, spoke clearly and objectively the advantages of using the Terramesh System.

The system Terramesh elements are formed by the association of a metallic reinforcement in double-twist hexagonal mesh, joined to a front of the facing box gabion, both formed by a single fabric forming the reinforcement, the base face and the cover gabion manufactured with wires in low carbon steel coated with Galfan alloy, high tensile strength and low elongation levels.

In our talk, we emphasize all the advantages of Terramesh System ally can still receive additional reinforcements to the cloth in hexagonal mesh double twisting in order to optimize the construction of large and tall structures, so that MacGrid geogrids spend exercise primary function of reinforcing the structural fill, and the metal reinforcement intersects the critical curve of tension as well as ensure full anchoring of geogrids.

The wide range of strengths of geogrids MacGrid allows the production of more streamlined and economical designs, moreover, this material is available in rolls, allowing the use of more extensive reinforcements, besides being easily applied on site.

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