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Geo-engineering specialists Maccaferri are among top experts at international seminar on geotechnology and innovations in projects for tunnels


Maccaferri supports and presents at the International Seminar on Geotechnics and Innovation in Tunnel Projects

One of Maccaferri’s engineers and project managers, Cesar Torres, addressed topics such as primary coating and fibre concrete in his talk on “Coating technologies in support tunnels”.

Specialists in underground works participated in the International Seminar on Geotechnology and Innovation in Tunnel Projects, on December 13, in Lima, Peru. The event was a preview to prepare the agenda for the International Congress of Tunnels and Mining Expo 2017, which will also be based in Lima.

The talks included the geotechnical aspects surrounding the subway line 4 in Rio de Janeiro and the Trans-Andean rail tunnel project in central Peru, as well as an overview of the development opportunities within the underground transportation infrastructure works sector.

Maccaferri acted as promoter and speaker at the Seminar. The Engineer and Projects Manager of the company in Peru, César Torres, addressed the theme “Lining technologies in support tunnels”, that included several topics such as project design, primary lining, fibre reinforced concrete and final lining, among others. The lecturer punctuated each stage of the tunneling process and the respective Maccaferri solutions, including portals and support systems, steel reinforcement and consolidation of the excavation face, waterproofing, primary lining, drainage and final lining.

Other manufacturer differentials include specialized tunnel solutions, that include self-drilling risers and steel anchors, fibreglass reinforcing tubes and rods, ceramic panels for final lining and drainage pipes. The exclusive and patented B.ZeroTondo tunnel support system, for example, features tubular metal arches filled with pumped concrete that offer greater structural efficiency over traditional metal arch supports.

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