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Maccaferri’s gabions improve road safety in the rural area of Botucatu

Bocaina River Gabions

Residents are isolated during the Bocaina River floods

Maccaferri’s gabions afford bridge protection system on the Elias Alves County Road (BTC-020) to provide access to the rural district of Piapara, Botucatu. The local inhabitants had been waiting years for this improvement to increase road safety.

During Bocaina River’s floods, traffic was compromised, isolating the local community. The local inhabitants had been waiting for years for works to improve road safety. On December 30th, 2016 a new bridge was finally built on the Elias Alves County Road (BTC-020), providing access to the rural district of Piapara, Botucatu. The bridge was named after “Antonio Leonel”, known as Tó, a resident who devoted part of his life to the rural work in that region.

The 18km long Elias Alves County Road (BTC-020) also underwent repairs to the pavement surface to improve the transportation network for milk, cattle and fresh produce, as well as other agricultural products and sources of income for the producers of the region.

The new bridge deck is supported on abutments either side of a watercourse. Our gabion units were used to create the retaining walls at the bridge abutments.

The competitive advantage of Maccaferri’s gabions lies in their double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh which is heavily galvanised to provide long-term corrosion protection. They are delivered flat-packed and assembled and filled with stones at the project site, which in turn helps to drive down the carbon footprint of the solution.

As the bridge abutments and wing-walls are within the watercourse, there is a risk of differential settlement. Maccaferri double twist hexagonal mesh gabions are flexible and can accommodate settlement without rupturing, essential in these types of applications.

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